For Services:

5 Simple Steps


Step 1.  Completing a Guest Card

Your Guest Card provides me with the necessary information to legally & ethically open a file.  Your Guest Card will include demographic information, Consent for Terms & Services, meeting you goals, and your availability.  Please complete your Guest Card.

Please complete your Guest Card

Step 2.  Purchasing a Meeting

When you have completed your Guest Card, we will send you the Current Life Situation Scale.  This tool helps us determine a fee that is fair and equitable for the services for you.  When we have determined a fee, an email will be sent to you for payment using PayPal.Me.  This system provides additional security for payment transactions.  Your Guest Card will be activated when payment has been received.

Step 3.  Confirmation

An email will be sent to your email account with confirmation that your information & payment have been received and a session will be scheduled to meet your needs.  Through email exchanges, we will confirm your therapist and register your session with Regroup Therapy (which will also confirm your appointment by sending you an email and access to their service).

Step 4.  Reminders

  1. A reminder will be sent to your email account 48 hours before your meeting begins.  If you need to reschedule or cancel, the email will help by providing information about the policy.

  2. Your counsellor will contact you 15 minutes before leaving for your in-person session to remind you of the time and location of your scheduled session and to review Informed Consent.

  3. Your counsellor will call you 15 minutes before an online session begins to remind you of your scheduled session and to review Informed Consent.

Step 5.  When the Meeting Ends

Shortly after the meeting is completed, your therapist will send to your email account a Therapeutic Letter.  In addition, your therapist will attach an invoice for services rendered and a short survey to help us better understand what works and what needs to improve so all of the staff can collaboratively meet our promise to always better the services offered at My Quanta.