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At My Quanta, our Mission is to provide professional single-session individual, couple, & family counselling services that emphasize strength-based practices.

Psychotherapeutic services are provided by Larose Counselling Services using Regroup Therapy for Online services (HIPAA approved) or In-Person services through home or community settings throughout the Eastern Ontario Region.


Journeys are inspirational transformations of the human soul.  They ask for a simple leap forward and then the courage to follow your heart.  I have witnessed many stories about breathtaking journeys and I would like to dedicate this space to the brave people who are on a journey.

Making each Session Count!

                     My Quanta = My Energy

Why are so many counselling services changing from long-term to a single session format?

  1. BulletEvery session has the potential to be a single session;

  2. BulletEach session may be the last;

  3. BulletWe all do one session at a time, so each session counts;

  4. BulletPsychotherapy is about key moments;

  5. BulletRapid change is not only possible but common in human experience;

  6. BulletTherapist’s expectations are communicated overtly & covertly about how rapid and how much change can be expected;

  7. BulletThere is no direct correlation between the duration of the problem and the duration of treatment;

  8. BulletThere is no direct correlation between the severity of the problem and the duration of treatment;

  9. BulletAs therapists, we need to know less about the history of the problem and the family than we think;

  10. BulletFamilies are far less interested in psychotherapy than are therapists;

  11. BulletThe greatest opportunity for change comes in the early stages of therapy;

  12. BulletSingle session does not mean that services cannot continue; however, it assumes that each session needs to be focused on the goal of the client(s) and that each session “needs to count like it is the last one.”

Who might benefit most from these types of services?

  1. BulletPeople who are comfortable with technology;

  2. BulletPeople who’s schedule seem overwhelming and find it difficult to make time away from work, family, and other responsibilities.  When at home, it might be the only opportunity for self-care;

  3. BulletPeople who struggle leaving their homes;

  4. BulletPeople who are concerned about their privacy (e.g., small community, avoiding awkward encounters with  people they know);

  5. BulletPeople residing in rural or isolated communities where they feel they are limited in accessing services;

  6. BulletPeople working shift work hours or being consumed by the responsibilities at work, which often limits their time to access “normal” business service hours;

  7. BulletPeople wanting to talk from the comfort of their home;

  8. BulletPeople needing help with a specific problem;

  9. BulletPeople wanting to access services for the first time from the safety of their home;

  10. BulletPeople wanting access to services that meet their needs.

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